Announcements & Changes

We continue to enhance the Capsule API and add additional resources, parameters and elements into responses, etc. Please ensure that your app is designed to handle additional elements that may be added to responses. We'll always try to avoid breaking changes to existing resources on the API without notice.

17 April 2024

We have updated the documentation to cover how to create, update and delete Track Definitions. Track Definitions are the templates used for creating Track instances, which are specific to an opportunity or project.

30 June 2022 - Cases renamed as Projects

With the release of Project Boards we have renamed Cases as Projects across Capsule. The API remains unchanged and existing integrations will be unaffected. All endpoints will continue to use the kases naming scheme.

To accommodate for this transition, the documentation has been updated to reflect the new name. While the Case sections still exist, the documentation can now be found under the Project headers.

The documentation has also been updated to include support for the Board and Stage endpoints.

You can read more about the new feature and the reason for the renaming here.

31 March 2022

We have updated the documentation for track task definitions to reflect some of the enhancements that have been made to tracks, including support for assigning track tasks to specific users and excluding weekends from the days between each task in a track.

23 August 2021

We have added support for multiple sales pipelines. Accounts on the Teams and Enterprise plans can now create multiple pipelines to further customise their sales processes. Each pipeline can have a unique set of milestones allowing you to separate your sales processes. To read more about the feature please refer to our support documentation. To learn how to manage your pipelines, click here.

16 March 2021

We have updated the documentation to cover the recently launched Important Fields feature. Fields that are set as Important are highlighted when adding or editing records, and a warning indicator is displayed on records where any field doesn't have a value.

18 December 2020

We have added a detailed explanation of the embed query parameter, which is used to request additional data to be included in a response. The explanation, and an example request using it can be found here.

In addition, we included some examples of how embedded entities can be altered in the update opportunity, update case and update entry endpoints.

19 August 2020

We have added support for customising party titles. It is now possible to create new custom titles as well as delete existing titles.

7 April 2020

We have added documentation for REST Hooks. REST hooks are our solution to webhooks. They help mitigate the need for long-polling, and enable you to get notified of events in Capsule as and when they happen.

22 July 2019

We have added documentation for Filters, our new structured search resource for parties, cases and opportunities. This API is intended to compliment the /search endpoints, allowing for more complex search queries against specific fields and tags.

28 June 2019 - TLS Changes coming on 31 July

On 31 July we will be updating our servers to remove some older encryption protocols. As part of the transition we’ll be disabling TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.1. TLS or Transport Layer Security is the technology we use to secure communications between you and our servers.

Our updated configuration will be based on Mozilla's Modern Compatibility recommendations. Update July 1 Mozilla have updated their recommend configurations so that our new set up is now more in line with Mozilla's intermediate recommendations.

No browser that is supported by Capsule will be effected by the change so ordinary usage of the Capsule front-end will continue as expected. Our new configuration is widely supported so it's unlikely that you'll need to make any changes to your code or configuration. However it's possible that some integrations using older servers and development frameworks may have a connection issue.

To ensure your integration will run without interruption we have put an endpoint on our developer site that is configured with our planned 31 July configuration.

Call the following URI using your code:


If successful you should see the following in the response from our servers.

{"test":"everything is ok"}

10 June 2019

We've documented support for Lost Reason configuration and usage on opportunities. We've also added documentation for daysUntilStale on Milestone definitions.

13 November 2018

We've added documentation for our new access controls functionality for teams and roles. These are documented on parties, opportunities, cases, and the new teams endpoints. As well as documentation for the new activity types endpoints.

Check the announcement blog post for more information about these new features in Capsule.

8 November 2018

We've added support to the API to allow integrations to link opportunities to cases. You can find more about how this works in Capsule in our blog post New Ways to Interact with Cases and Opportunities.

19 April 2018

We've added documentation for working with attachments on entries. This includes uploading and downloading attachments, as well as associating them with entries.

  • Uploading a new file as an attachment is documented on Upload attachment
  • Getting an attachment is documented on Show attachment
  • Adding an uploaded attachment to a new entry is documented on Create entry
  • Adding or removing an uploaded attachment from an existing entry is documented on Update entry

31 May 2017

Starting on the 15 June 2017 we'll be updating our SSL certificate as it is due to expire. As part of this change we'll be changing our SSL certificate supplier to "Starfield" which means you'll be using a different root certificate when connecting to Capsule.

Our new provider is widely supported so it's unlikely that you'll need to make any changes to your code or configuration. If you would like to test your code we have updated with the new configuration and created a endpoint you can use to test your environment if you have any concerns.

Call the following URI using your code:

For example if were using CURL use the following command:


If successful you should see the following in the response from our servers.

{"test":"everything is ok"}

At the same we will be updating our cipher suite configuration based on the latest version of Mozilla's Intermediate compatibility recommendation. We've made an additional tweak to remove support for older versions of Internet Explorer. We've monitored our logs and these dropped ciphers have not been used by integrations in the last 30 days.

10 April 2017

Updated Field Value Model docs to clarify the type of the value field.

27 January 2017

Updated developer console:

9 January 2017

On Monday 16 January we'll be releasing an API update to prevent duplicate named organisations being created or being created by updating the name of an existing organisation using the API. This brings the API inline with the behavior of the Capsule web app. When a duplicate is caught you will get an HTTP/1.1 422 Unprocessable Entity error response like this:

HTTP/1.1 422 Unprocessable Entity
  "message": "Validation Failed",
  "errors": [
      "message": "name must be unique",
      "resource": "party",
      "field": "name"

When updating an existing organisation which is already a duplicate and you are not changing the contact's name, the update will be applied successfully. If this creates an issue for your integration please contact us on support for help.

18 September 2015

Enabled rate limiting. We've ensured the new rate limits are set high enough to avoid breaking any existing integrations.