Track Definition Model

Capsule Tracks provide a simple way to define a sequence of tasks for things you do in your business. They can be used in opportunities or projects.

Track definitions are templates for tracks, which once applied to a specific opportunity or project create a Track instance.

Name Type Description
id Long Read only

The unique id of this track definition.

description String Required

A short description of this track definition.

tag String

One or more comma separated tags that are automatically applied to the project or opportunity when the track is applied.

captureRule String Required

Indicates if the track is configured for projects (casefile) or opportunities.

Accepted values are: CASEFILE, OPPORTUNITY

direction String Required

Represents how the due dates are calculated. The tasks within the tracks created using this track definition can either work from the start date of the track, or they can work back from an end date that the user chooses when applying the track.

Accepted values are: START_DATE, END_DATE

createdAt Date Read only

The ISO date/time when this track definition was created.

updatedAt Date Read only

The ISO date/time when this track definition was last updated.

taskDefinitions Array of Track Task Definition

An array of all the task definitions belonging to this track definition. These task definitions will be used as templates for adding tasks for a project or opportunity when this track definition is applied.