Third Party Tools

There are various third party tools that can simplify development.

ETL tools

If you're looking to syncronise Capsule data with a database like MySQL, Postgres or Snowflake, you could consider using Skyvia which does the heavy lifting for you. Skyvia can also enable data syncrhonisation between platforms as well as import and backup.

Integration platforms

For some integration use cases you might be able to avoid developing a custom integration by using an integration platform:

  • Zapier is a popular choice and integrates thousands of applications. Zapier works by triggering an action when an event occurs. You can even do this for triggers and actions that occur entirely within Capsule. For example, when a contact is created in Capsule, you could apply a tag to that contact based on location.
  • Make is a popular alternative to Zapier

Unified API wrappers

These tools offer a unified API for CRM, meaning you can write an integration once and have the flexibility to switch CRMs in the future.

Review before using

Please note that we haven't fully reviewed these tools and you should satisfy yourself with their suitability before using. If you need support for these tools, please reach out to the tool you are using.