Milestone Model

Represents the milestone of an opportunity that is stored in Capsule.

Name Type Description
id Long

The unique id of the milestone.

name String Required

The name of the milestone.

description String

A longer description of this milestone and its purpose.

complete Boolean

Specifies if opportunities under this milestone are closed or open. Defaults to false.

probability Integer Required

The default probability in percentage of winning an opportunity that progressed to this stage. Probability must be exactly 0 or 100 if complete is set to true.

pipeline Nested Pipeline

The pipeline this milestone belongs to.

daysUntilStale Integer

The number of days an opportunity can stay on this milestone without contact on the opportunity before the opportunity is marked as stale. null indicates that stale opportunity tracking has been disabled for this milestone.

createdAt Date Read only

The date and time when this milestone was created.

updatedAt Date Read only

The ISO DateTime when this opportunity was last updated.