Entry Model

Represents a note, email or completed party task stored in Capsule. Entries can be linked to a party, an opportunity or a project.

Name Type Description
id Long Read only

The unique id of this note, email or completed party task.

type String Required Read only

The type of entry, can be a note, a recorded email or a completed task for a party. Once set the type cannot be changed.

Accepted values are: note, email, task

createdAt Date Read only

The ISO date/time when this entry was created.

updatedAt Date Read only

The ISO date/time when the entry was last updated.

entryAt Date

The ISO date/time this entry should appear in the users activity timeline. This date is not necessarily the same as the createdAt date which is generated by Capsule.

subject String

The subject line of the email.

content String

The body of the entry.

attachments Array of Attachment

An array of files associated with this Note or Email. You can use Upload Attachment to upload a new attachment ready to include in this array.

creator Nested User

The user that created this entry.

activityType Nested Activity Type

The activity type for this entry. If not set when creating a new entry, activityType will default to being a Note -1.

kase Nested Project

The project associated with this note or email.

opportunity Nested Opportunity

The opportunity associated with the note or email.

party Nested Party

The party associated with this note or completed task detail.

parties Array of Nested Party

Array of parties associated with this email.

participants Array of Participant

Array of participants on this email.