User Model

Represents a user that has access to this specific Capsule account. Each user also has a related party which contains additional information such as name and email address.

Name Type Description
id Long Read only

The unique id of this user.

locale String

The language & region identifier associated with the user.

Accepted values are: en_US, en_GB, es_ES

currency String

The currency the user prefers to work in. Follows the ISO 4217 currency code standard.

emailPreference String

The email application to launch when the user clicks email addresses in Capsule.

Accepted values are: GMAIL

clickToCallPreference String

The type of links to generate for phone numbers in Capsule for this user.

Accepted values are: SIP, TEL, CALLTO, CIRCLELOOP

preferredEmailFromAddress String

The email account to send an email from when the user clicks email addresses in Capsule.

party Nested Party

The party record of this user. Can be used to retrieve additional details about the user such as profile picture, email address, etc.

username String

The username of this user. These are unique on an account level, but are not permanent. Account administrators can change the username of other users.

timezone String

Represents the user's timezone preference. Follows the naming format defined in IANA time zone database.

name String Read only

The full name of this user. The same name as that stored in the user's party record.

taskReminder Boolean

Indicates whether the user should receive reminders about tasks they've been assigned to.