User Model

Represents an user that has access to this specific Capsule account. Each user also has a related party which contains additional information such as name and email address.

Name Type Description
id Long Read only

The unique id of this user

name String

The full name of this user. This value is the same as of the user’s party record.

username String

The username of this user. These are unique on account level, but are not permanent. Account administrators can change the username of other users.

party Nested Party

The party record of this user. Can be used to retrieve extra details about the user such as profile picture, name, email address, etc.

roles→isAccountOwner Boolean

Is true if this user is the account owner. There is exactly one account owner for each account.

roles→isAccountAdmin Boolean

Is true if this user has administrator rights. Compared to simple users, administrator are allowed to update account wide settings such as task categories or opportunity milestones. Read more about permission in our support documentation

timezone String

Represents the timezone preference of the user. This uses the naming format as defined in IANA time zone database

loggedIn Boolean

Is true if your requests is authenticated as this user.